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Transinvest delivers a comprehensive range of business support services for finding finance and project management in FSU countries. Our range of services includes:

  • Project finance
  • Leasing
  • Companies and Technologies Purchase
  • Investment meetings
  • Road shows
  • Project management
  • Environmental

We also offer consultancy services on new technologies and equipment for mining, oil and gas, construction industries, environmental and alternative energy projects.

One of our business direction is organising specialised events and seminars all over the world in areas of financial service, risk management, construction, mining, oil & gas, investment.

About us

Transinvest has been set up initially to attract investment, new technologies and best western management practice to the enterprises and companies of the FSU (CIS) countries. The Company also had a task to promote business links between the United Kingdom and CIS countries by organising international conferences and seminars. The series of successful conferences, forums and seminars have been organised to promote international trade and mutual co-operation, to improve efficiency in management systems and business communication.

The main areas that the company has developed are energy sector, oil and gas, mining, construction, finance services and risk management. During the past few years the company has extended its operations and successfully developed capabilities in Australia, South Africa, Brazil, USA, Canada and Japan. Transinvest (UK) Ltd can provide help to UK companies that would like to establish themselves in CIS.

The company presently is engaged in a number of investment projects in Russia and Kazakhstan in mining, oil, construction and alternative energy (bio ethanol).

The company enjoys good working relationship with major CIS energy and mining companies and western financial institutions. We now say that we have right combination of our business activities where we are able to provide a quality personal and professional service.

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